Desktop Vs. Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

vape3 The 10 best vapes under 100 dollarsIt’s a little pointless and maybe even a bit silly to bother comparing apples and oranges, as they say, but sometimes it’s fun to contrast two very different things just for the fun of seeing the strengths and weaknesses of each laid bare. For example, the dry herb vaporizer market is split between two main general types of vapes: desktop ones and portable ones. Obviously a desktop device like a Volcano has more hardware behind it than a portable device that slides in your pocket like the DaVinci IQ, so it’s got a tad bit more power in it. So let’s get to the comparison, no?


Obviously a bigger and more powerful machine will generally cost you more than something which is designed to be portable. A dry herb vaporizer can be made with a big variety of different parts with a wide range of different levels of quality though, so it’s no surprise that the most tricked out and fanciest portable models cost more than the lower end options on the desktop side of the market. When shopping for a desktop vape, however, you might prefer to get something in the middle of the price range. For most people, especially recreational cannabis consumers, there’s not much point in getting a cheap desktop vape when you could spend a bit more on a top notch portable one. Of course, everyone is different and has different needs, so there’s always exceptions.


If a fun and unique, personalized vaporizing experience is important to you, a desktop machine can certainly do the trick in ways portable vapes just can’t. It’s hard to describe the pleasure that can be shared amongst a group of friends passing around a nice fat Volcano balloon full of vapor. Other less expensive desktop dry herb vaporizers can do something similar to this as well for those with tighter budgets.

It’s important to ask yourself the main purpose of the vaporizer you want to get, how often you’re likely to use it, whether you’d like to use it on the go or keep it at home, use it alone or in groups of people, use it in a way tailored to your exact needs and desires or used simply to get high. If you need help navigating the market after figuring out all these answers, the internet is your friend, and your local head shop clerk would likely love to help.