Gili Islands Give Many Things to Do in Lombok

When you think that you want to visit peaceful places, then where will you go? The recommended place is to visit Lombok Island in Indonesia. Lombok, one of the most fascinating islands in Indonesia, has a lot of things to do for travelers like you. It is located near from Bali Island, but it is less popular than Bali. While in Bali you can see the famous views, then in Lombok you can see a lot of untouchable places yet they are so beautiful. It is because thousand tourists visit Bali in every year while Lombok has lesser tourists than it. However, for some tourists who haunt the places to do something in peace, then Lombok may be the right destination. Lombok offers you so many places that can make you feel peaceful since many of them are isolated dream amazing places. These recent years, travelers can find so many things to do in Lombok, especially in Gili Island. It becomes favorite places to visit for many travelers.

Many travelers who visit Lombok, they are looking for amazing things to do in Lombok. Also, the local people there are friendly and interesting. You can taste the special food and enjoy fantastic nature views. You can get a lot of amazing things when you visit Gili Island in Lombok. There are three places in Gili that you have to visit to make your vacation is more memorable. They are GiliTrawangan, Gili Air, and GiliMeno.

Finding things to do in Lombok is not difficult. If you have a chance to visit Gili Island, then you will experience the different things in each of the Gili. Then, here are the characteristic of those three Gilis.

  • It is also called as Gili T has rich social culture where it delivers parties in every week. Therefore, this place is intended for young people more. Gili T is the safest and cheapest place destination among other Gili Islands to learn diving as well. It has warm water and great visibility in many diving sites. Also, it is common to see peaceful sharks and turtles in it. It is the reason for many people choose GiliTrawangan as the great destination to dive for both pros and beginners.
  • It is the place which has honeymoon ambiance. You will notice it since the first time you step in this place. The romantic and idyllic atmosphere in it is the perfect place for couples who wish to spend the honeymoon by canoodling on dream beach.
  • Gili Air. It is known as the combination of both other two Gili Islands. When the travelers had fun in GiliTrawangan for parties, then they may tend to go to this Gili Air to relax a bit their energy in the bars and restaurants. If you want to have a night by enjoying people playing guitars and playing other instruments where you can find on many streets, then this place is a choice. Gili Air really has its own characteristic and charm.

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